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Title Description
Political Economics ;
Microeconomics ;
Mathematical Economics ;
Public Economics
Development Studies ;
Political Economics ;
Contemporary Issues in Southeast Asia ;
Regional Integration and Cooperation
Visual politics ;
Contemporary Thai Art to Thai Contemporary Politics
Macroeconomics ;
Economics of development ;
Vietnamese market economy
Islam Studies ;
International Relations ;
International Politics ;
International Security ;
Global Governance and Regionalism
ASPAC : East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Pacific ;
Global Politics and Security
Corporate Governance and Privatization ;
State Owned Enterprise Reform and Innovation
Governance , Development Studies ;
Political Participation ;
Politics & International Relations
International Relations ;
International Peace and Security ;
ASEAN Studies ;
Human Security
Ethnopolitics in Socioeconomic Development ;
Political Economy of Contemporary China ;
State, Ethnicity and Economic Development ;
Ethnic Fragmentation and Public Economics ;
Demographic Diversity, Fiscal Federalism and Decentralization
Local Politics ;
Security Sector ;
Non-state Armed Groups ;
Social Movements ;
Illicit Drugs
Politics, security and international relations in Southeast Asia ;
Democratization in Myanmar ;
India's Look/Act East Policy ;
Administrative Reforms in Vietnam
Local governance and devolution;
Health policy and politics;Human security;
Women and gender issues;
Comparative politics of Europe