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International Conference of the Journey of Asian Coffee


In 2016, the government of Taiwan initiated the “New Southbound Policy”. Through this program, the people of Taiwan hope to create new models for cooperation with their friends from the South. The blooming coffee culture in our region gives us a unique opportunity to improve our technical and cultural links. The Center for Southeast Asian Studies has taken the initiative in promoting international linkages on the coffee economy between Taiwan and Southeast Asian region.

 The development of coffee industry in Taiwan has a deep connection with Southeast Asia. According to the historical data, the first two batches of coffee seedlings planted in Taiwan came from the Philippines and Indonesia. Moreover, most of professional coffee farmers in Taiwan and Southeast Asia are of the Austronesian ethno-linguisitc group. In the past two years, through the cooperation with universities in Southeast Asia, NSYSU had completed two industrial internship programs and two exhibitions. These activities caught the attention of the Taiwanese youth and sparked interest to dedicate themselves into coffee. In addition, the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism has developed the Asian Coffee Certification System, which is an excellent platform for international collaboration, more comprehensive learning and research about coffee.

The theme of this conference is momentous. The majority of Asian countries, especially Taiwan and Southeast Asia countries, are in the coffee belt. Coffee is not merely a drink, but a symbol of the culture of a country, and a reflection of the current situation of social development. Coffee does not only increase product value, but also power of community bonding, and the key to peace and security. Therefore, we look forward to more discussions on the different aspects in coffee industry and continue to deepen our mutual cooperation in this conference.




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